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Bumble & Bumble Hair Care Products
Founded in 1977, Bumble and Bumble has become THE INSTITUTION for hair fashion and hair care worldwide. Today, the name Bumble and bumble is synonymous to concepts that emphasized the individual, transcended trends, and career-launching looks. Bumble and Bumble team of session stylists create looks for major fashion designers in shows and magazines internationally. Working closely with top modeling agencies to design trend-setting looks, Bumble and Bumble sets the tone for the latest in hair fashion. The salon, the photo studios, the catwalks, and the classroom are all vast laboratories for the development of Bumble and Bumble talent, ideas, techniques, and products - ones that work not only on models in Vogue, but that truly work for anyone.

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Bumble and Bumble Products

Creme De Coco Conditioner  
Creme De Coco Conditioner is an exotic concoction of Coconut, Murumuru Butter, Mallow and Milk Thistle. It soothes, softens, and supremely moisturizes while managing tangles and making hair shimmer.
8 oz   $26.00Quantity:
Curl Conscious Conditioner, fine/medium hair  
Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Conditioner,for any one with fine, soft curls or wavy hair(natural or otherwise).This whisper-light yet thorough moisture complex forges bonds that resist heat and humidity turning tangles to tendrils. You will see curls take their shape right out of the shower. Curl-enhancing, lightweight, frizz control, shine, cuticle-smoothing.
8 oz   $24.00Quantity:
Curl Conscious Conditioner, medium/thick hair  
Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Conditioner,this highly hydrating, softening balm has a calming influence, allowing curly girls to go with the flow. Thick, tight curls often look dry and frizzy. This conditioner fights frizz, loosens curls and supplies an intensely moisturizing base to keep spirals serene yet shapely. For any one with coarse, thick, dry, frizzy curls. Provides super-hydration, frizz-control, curl definition, and cuticle repair.
8 oz   $24.00Quantity:
This is a model's best friend. It works quickly to repair dry and damaged hair, adding protein and moisture to the most traumatized mane. Perfect for the chemically dependent. It contains Collagen, Keratin and Kiwi extract which penetrate hair with conditioning properties, and Safflower Oil for sheen.
5 oz   $27.00Quantity:
A lightweight detangler that you rinse out, or an all day taming moisturizer that you leave in. It's light and you'll barely notice it in your hair. It contains conditioning agents from Wheat-germ Glycerides and Coconut and Palm Oils, and Panthenol (a derivative of the Vitamin B-complex group) for moisture.
For all types of hair, especially dry, dehydrated or curly. Use it every day, if necessary -- just as you would a moisturizer on your skin. Work a small amount into clean hair, from ends to roots. Leave it in for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly, or spread evenly through damp hair, then style.
8 oz   $23.00Quantity:
It detangles, smoothes the cuticle and makes hair much easier to manage, without weighing it down. It contains Seaweed extract which conditions and makes hair shine.

For all types of hair. Use it after every shampoo, if you wish, especially on long or chemically treated hair. Squeeze out a dollop, and with your fingers, a comb, or a brush, work it through. Leave it in for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly
8 oz   $21.00Quantity:
Made for gentle shampoo fans. For all hair types, especially unmanageably curly or coarse, chemically-treated or generally parched - this luxurious detangler softens and restores luster and spring.
Several conditioning agents ease wet-combing, increase elasticity and shine, and prevent moisture loss.

8 oz   $24.00Quantity:
Bumble and Bumble THICKENING CONDITIONER,a featherweight moisturizer and detangler for fine or fine limp hair with ultra light silk fibers that separates strands to create a fuller look.

8 oz   $24.00Quantity:
  Hair Spray
This holds the biggest, tallest 'do all day (or night). Of all our products, this one holds the most firmly, yet still brushes out. It won't dull your shine, either. It contains Panthenol (a derivative of the Vitamin B-complex group) for moisture, and two fixative polymers for humidity-resistant hold.
10 oz   $22.00Quantity:
Workable,brushable hold for bending,molding,twisting or lifting hair while shielding it from hot tongs and irons,also fabulous for finishing.
10 oz   $26.00Quantity:
BUMBLE AND BUMBLE HOLDING SPRAY, this gives you gentle hold for hours, yet allows hair to move. It's great for heat setting and locking in shape when using a curling or flat iron. It wont dull, flake or build up. It contains Panthenol (a derivative of the Vitamin B-complex group) for moisture, and two fixative polymers for humidity-resistant hold.
8 oz   $21.00Quantity:
It's a setting spray that adds body and makes hair feel thicker, but soft, and never gummy. It also tames frizz and flyaways. It contains Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein which moisturizes, conditions and helps repair environmental or chemical damage.
8 oz   $27.00Quantity:
Creme De Coco Shampoo  
Creme De Coco Shampoo is an extra mild, luxurious cleanser with a belnd of moisture-rich ingredients including coconut and murumuru butter to help restore moisture, shine and softness to dull and dry hair. Murumuru butter will improve flexibility and tame frizz whilst mallow and milk will soothe and protect.
8 oz   $24.00Quantity:
Possibly the most luxurious shampoo you'll ever use -- mild and moisturizing for softness and shine. A must for the chemically addicted and chronically parched. It contains Nettle and Comfrey extracts for softness and sheen, and Avocado Oil for moisture.
8 oz   $23.00Quantity:
Good-old-everyday mild cleanser. It's rich with organic algae and kelp for strong, healthy, shiny hair. It contains Coconut and Palm Oils that cleanse hair and condition without stripping.
8 oz   $19.00Quantity:
This shampoo makes hair feel thicker and fuller, while helping to seal split ends and smooth flyaways. If your hair is fine or limp make this a habit. It contains Panthenol, Wheat Protein and Aloe Vera Gel for moisture, softness and shine.
8 oz   $23.00Quantity:
It is unique. The tiniest amount gives short or long hair a languid and sexy look with great separation, texture and shine. It's not about hold; it's about movement and suppleness. It contains derivatives of Coconut Oil which act as natural humectants that penetrate hair, reducing dryness leaving it soft
2 oz   $23.00Quantity:
It gives hair direction and leaves it feeling really soft and smooth. A little bit gives gentle control, but you can use more to create an easy elegant look that doesn't feel stiff. It leaves a satin, almost matte finish. It contains Jojoba and Safflower Oils for sheen, and Sweet Almond and Avocado Oils for moisture
5 oz   $28.00Quantity:
It instantly detangles, nourishes, and strengthens hair with its rich mixture of algae, kelp, herbs and vitamins A, H, and F. It's invisible, lightweight and oil free so it's great for natural looks and for those who don't like the feel of products. It also makes a great cutting lotion.
8 oz   $20.00Quantity:
This is, in a word, magic. The more you use, the more it holds. It adds body to any type of hair. Slick it back, spike it up - whatever you do, make it stay. People with curly hair love it as it really controls and defines curl. It contains derivatives of Coconut Oil which act as natural humectants and help reduce dryness
8 oz   $26.00Quantity:
A blow-dry essential for chemically-treated, fine or fragile hair. It prevents breakage by detangling, improves combability, and provides strengthening vitamins and minerals. It gives soft hold, body and shine while protecting hair from blow-dryer, curling or flat iron damage. Contains keratin, a protein for excellent combability, and a vitamin complex for strength and exceptional sheen
8 oz   $26.00Quantity:
Bumble and bumble SumoTech, a waxy pomade that gives great texture and separation. With just a small amount, hair is instantly moldable into anything from a punk-rocker mohawk to a classic, polished coif.

1.5 oz   $27.00Quantity:
A traditional, hard wax for modern cuts. Use it on any type of hair or length to define texture, get strong, yet flexible hold and add shine. Plenty of discipline for heavyweights but not overwhelming for finer types. A unique blend of waxes gives hold and great sheen.
1.5 oz   $25.00Quantity:
Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray,one of Bb's first products to debut and has earned its place as a classic. It's a setting spray that adds body and makes hair feel thicker, but soft, and never gummy. It also tames frizz and flyaways. It contains Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein which moisturizes, conditions and helps repair environmental or chemical damage.Even if you are miles from the beach, get that sexy, salty, wind-styled texture (which always seems a shame to rinse away) with plenty of hold and a matte finish.
Seaweed extract helps retain moisture.
4 oz   $24.00Quantity:
Has a bit more substance than Prep.Hefty dose of Tea Tree Oil that replaces natural oil in chemically-treated or chronically dry hair, and soothes the scalp. The rich mix of herbs and vitamins nourish the hair, and make it smooth and tangle free - perfect for those who are less likely to condition their hair,makes after shower grooming smooth and easy.
8 oz   $21.00Quantity:

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