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Phytologie Phytoprogenium Intelligent Shampoo

Itís a simple principle. The beauty of our hair depends directly on the health of our scalp. Like in most ecosystems, the equilibrium is established between beneficial bacteria vs. pathogenic bacteria. Phytosolba Laboratories has found a way to naturally and effectively preserve the beneficial flora (natural protective shield of the scalp), while reducing the presence of harmful germs. Phytoprogenium is the first of new generation that takes into account the entirety of the hairís ecosystem, by placing as much importance on the scalp as onto the hair itself. A combination of botanical, active ingredients were carefully selected to give life to Progeniumģ. The exclusive formula is composed of: Zanthoxylum: an oily extract taken from the berries of the Prickly Ash tree of East Asia. Used to sooth itchiness, stimulate circulation and combat harmful bacteria. Lactitol & Xyitol Sugar: alcohols derived from straw, milk, wood and bran. Stops harmful bacteria from adhering to hair and scalp and helps promote good bacteria. Gentle Almond Milk: hydrating properties include a high concentration of fatty acids such as omega-6 and vitamin E. Olive Leaf Extract: antibacterial, antiviral and anti-parasitic properties. Marshmallow Root Extracts (44%): softening properties, protects the hair shaft and scalp, soothes irritation Oat Milk: made with whole oats and rapeseed oil which help cleanse and hydrate, rich in vitamin E. Phytoprogeniumís mission is to: Protect: By understanding and responding to the scalpís needs. It effectively deploys the appropriate defenses to stop the proliferation of parasitic germs. Balance: Maintains equilibrium by differentiating beneficial bacteria vs. harmful bacteria. Gently cleanse: The more often the shampoo is used, the more effectively the scalp is protected; resulting in beautiful, healthy.


Size: 6.7 ozQuantity:
Price: $26.00

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